Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

Cheap Universities in Canada

Canadian universities are known to produce great talents and they are among the world’s best schools for great learning and quality education. Every year, international students in their thousands apply to study in Canada and over the years, the country has become a favorite destination for anyone looking for quality and sound education.

Choosing to study in Canada could become one of the best decisions and investments for your future, Canadian schools offer world-class courses, a great environment for learning, quality education, the opportunity to work after studying, and maybe even become a permanent resident after you graduate but it all doesn’t come cheap. You should also know the educational cost to study in Canada. Universities in Canada are quite expensive but there are many cheap and affordable schools you could check out and we have listed some of them on this page.


Universities Offering the Cheapest Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

  • Brandon University– Bachelors starting at            $7,203 CAD/year
  • Universite de Saint-Boniface– Bachelors starting at          $7,428 CAD/year
  • University of Guelph– Bachelors starting at         $9,730 CAD/year
  • Canadian Mennonite University                – Bachelors starting at $10,003 CAD/year
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland– Bachelors starting at     $11,460 CAD/year
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Bachelors starting at 660 CAD/year
  • Saint Mary’s University – Bachelors starting at 1,780 CAD/year
  • University of Regina – Bachelors starting at 2,015 CAD/year
  • Ryerson University – Bachelors starting at 2,995 CAD/year
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology – Bachelors starting at 4,820 CAD/year
  • Wilfrid Laurier University – Bachelors starting at 5,315 CAD/year
  • Yorkville University – Bachelors starting at 5,400 CAD/year
  • Laurentian University – Bachelors starting at 6,000 CAD/year
  • Mount Royal University – Bachelors starting at 6,500 CAD/year

Universities Offering the Cheapest Master’s Degree in Canada

  • University of Northern British Columbia– Masters starting at       $3,297
  • Simon Fraser University– Masters starting at      $3,743
  • University of Calgary– Masters starting at             $3,693
  • University of Saskatchewan– Masters starting at              $4,358
  • University of Regina– Masters starting at              $6,427
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland – Masters starting at 2,150 CAD/year
  • Cape Breton University – Masters starting at 3,090 CAD/year
  • Nipissing University – Masters starting at 3,150 CAD/year
  • Mount Allison University – Masters starting at 3,340 CAD/year
  • University of Northern British Columbia – Masters starting at 3,360 CAD/year
  • Simon Fraser University – Masters starting at 3,740 CAD/year
  • University of Victoria, British Columbia – Masters starting at 4,975 CAD/year
  • University of Lethbridge – Masters starting at 5,025 CAD/year
  • University of Prince Edward Island – Masters starting at 5,150 CAD/year
  • University of British Columbia – Masters starting at 5,735 CAD/year

The list above does not exhaust all the cheap universities in Canada, but it should be enough to put one foot at the door. You will most likely find other affordable universities when you do more research.

You Should Also Consider the Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada should also be considered when you make preparations to study in Canada. The cost of living includes the cost for accommodation between $4000-$8000 per year, feeding between $1,500-$5000 per year, transportation between $80-$110, plus other miscellaneous expenses and bills.

There Scholarship Opportunities for You  


There are also scholarships available for you and this is a better way to further reduce the cost of tuition. Some scholarships even cover some of the living expenses and costs.

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