Reasons Why Your Study Permit Was Rejected

Reasons Why Your Study Permit Was Rejected

Canada is one of the most preferred study destinations for international students. With world-class education, friendly visa, and immigration rules. However, there are reasons why your student visa is being rejected. Students often think the difficult part is receiving a letter of acceptance of the pre-study abroad process, it can be even more difficult to land a student visa.

Due to its huge popularity, it follows a rigorous visa process. To ensure your Canadian visa application gets approved it’s helpful to understand the common reasons behind visa rejections in Canada.


Reasons For Rejection

– Incomplete Documents

You need to submit all the required documents needed for the visa application. The officer needs to make sure you are admissible in Canada. Ensure to carry all documents for the interview. Also, arrange them in a way the officer can look at it with ease.

– Academic Performance

As an applicant, ensure that you have a consistent academic performance. Therefore, while applying for the visa, so make sure your score is aligned with the requirements of your school.


Whether you are going under the SDS program PNP or SPP program you need the minimum IELTS or TOEFL score to prove language proficiency. Your academic performance and this test score will prove you are admissible in Canada. However, if they are both low the officer would be forced to reject your application.


– Study Program

If the course you are applying for does not match your educational background that can also be a reason why your application was rejected. However, you should be able to explain why you are changing your field of study.

– Financial Reasons

Upon application, you are required to submit a copy of your bank statement.  This shows the officer that you will be capable of handling yourself upon entry into the country. The authorities may find that you are not financially sound and won’t be able to support yourself while studying. Uncertainty in your ability to pay for travel expenses, tuition fees, and day-to-day living while in Canada are all reasons why a visa officer may deny your application.

– Letter of Acceptance

A letter of acceptance is required for the application to be approved. A letter of acceptance is a letter sent to you by the Canadian school you applied to. In order to apply for a valid permit, that letter is compulsory. Apart from this, the candidate should also meet all the requirements for the program you applied to.

– No Permanent Stay

It is important to note that a student visa is only a temporary visa and has an expiration date. The officer needs to be convinced that you have plans in place to come back to your country once the visa expires. If the visa officer is not satisfied and finds you a potential immigrant, then your Student Visa can be rejected.

However, this does not mean you can not extend your visa, Canada is a friendly place and students would love to stay longer. Also, Canada is known for its visa friendly policies for international students. You can extend your visa through the proper channel. Whenever you are going for the visa interview, you need to convince the officer you will not be staying there permanently. Other grounds for rejection include your immigration status in your country of residence, financial status, or previous history in Canada.

While getting a Canadian visa isn’t as simple and straightforward as it may seem, following these guidelines will help to ensure a smooth application process.

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