Signs A Scholarship Might Be A Scam

Scholarship Might Be A Scam

Getting a scholarship is every student’s dream. Students always think about how they can sponsor themselves in school knowing they do not have the finance to do so. However, students should know that there are scams everywhere on the internet. The internet has helped lots of students in securing a scholarship award. Although they are helpful, students should be aware of the signs of knowing when a scholarship is a scam.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find information about different scholarship opportunities. Unfortunately, while a web search may help you find more money for school, it also increases your chances of falling victim to a scam. Therefore, as a student, you need to know these warning signs so you do not fall victim.


Social Security Number

When applying for scholarships there are so many personal things you will be asked to provide. These things consist of your name, age, educational status, contact information, grade level, and other elements of the scholarship application. In addition, other things they may need consist of a letter of recommendation, essay, test score, and other extracurricular activity. However, they will never ask for your social security number.

The social security number should be kept secret and never divulged to anyone. In some instances, a scholarship provider may request a Form W-2 as proof of income if you are applying for a scholarship specifically for low-income students. If required, blacking out your Social Security number is recommended.


The information they say is the key to having wisdom and success. If you are not really sure about the scholarship scheme, you are advised to seek help from experts/people who have done it before. This will stop you from being prey to the scam on the internet.


If you have any further questions about a scholarship opportunity, contact your school’s financial aid office. The more informed you are, the less likely you are to fall victim to fraudulent scholarships.

Payment Before Service

Scholarships involve a huge amount of money and scams know this. They can tell you to pay a certain amount(probably lower than the scholarship money) in order to be given the scholarship award. However, there are legit websites/companies that will require you to pay a certain fee to get access to their database. This database has a list of scholarships you may need and they might also help you during the processing phase. Although, they are not likely to guarantee you the award and it is a non-refundable fee.

The difference between the legit and the scam is that the scam would most likely guarantee you the scholarship knowing how desperate you might be. They ask for money upfront for service they have not rendered. You should also be wary if someone offers exclusive access to a particular scholarship. This is just another sales tactic because any scholarship information you need to know is readily available for free.

Note: Once you see any of the red flags, you are better of walking away than losing the little amount of money you have saved.

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